OSSFF to Undertake Rehabilitation Work on BES Library

In line with its commitment to continue to maintain the Bagumbayan Multimedia Center for Excellence (a.k.a. the “library”) which it built for the school in 2004, the One Small Step Forward Foundation, through VP & Treasurer Elise del Rosario recently arranged for the annual cleaning of the library’s three airconditioning units. Then, Foundation President Bing del Rosario arranged last March 25 to visit the library with his regular contractor QR Construction to do a spot check of repairs needed. Among the “fixes” identified by Bing and Architect Mar Quianzon were:

• The full replacement of the folding door or “varifold” that separates the video screening area from the main student reading area. This fix would include shortening the varifold and replace much of the previous width with a fixed partition.

• Repair of several student reading chairs where the plastic seat backs had been unglued from their back posts. This would involve putting screws into all the chair posts.

• Repair of several teacher reading chairs where the wooden seat backs had completely dislodged from the metal seat posts. The fix would require a complete replacement of the seat backs.

• The replacement of the tops of bag-shoe cabinet no. 1, which had warped due to students constantly placing cold drinks on top. Instead of formica, which tends to warp with liquids, tiles will now be used.

• Repainting of the computer room ceiling to replace the fallen patch caused by incessant rains of typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng.

• Patch up of book cabinet edges that had been torn due to getting caught in students’ clothes.

• Washing-repainting of two wall sections with the most visible children’s handprints.

• Replacement of the malfunctioning DVD player and TV set. The repairs are scheduled for April when the school is on summer break and the repair crew can work uninterrupted.