First pilot computer class launches successfully

The first two-week summer class started last Monday April 12. 20 kids from Grades 4 to 6 were included in Batch 1. Bing del Rosario himself handled the first three days of the program. From 9 am to 12:30 pm, of day 1, Bing led the students through Microsoft Windows XP. The students opened programs and files, switched between windows on the desktop, maximized, minimized, resized and dragged windows, created and renamed new files and folders, deleted and restored deleted files, moved files between folders, copied files to and from USB, tinkered with control settings, and navigated up and down menu levels. For the next two days, Bing led the class through Microsoft Word. The first half was spent improving the students’ keyboarding skills with typing exercises. They also learned to save and retrieve saved documents, to correct typo errors, to use automated spell check and grammar check markers, and to navigate within the document. In the second half, the students were exposed to paragraph alignment and formatting, changing font type, size, and color, outlining and indentation, finding and replacing, inserting page numbers, symbols and pictures, thesaurus, and printing options. Bing then turned over the lead to Emil Marquez, the school’s e-librarian.