Summer 2014 Volleyball and Badminton Clinic for LES

As with 2012 and 2013, the One Small Step Forward Foundation Inc. again organized volleyball and badminton clinics during the 2014 summer break, this time for 38 Libis Elementary School students, 24 of whom signed up badminton while 14 signed up for volleyball. The 2014 sports clinic was conducted over six three-hour sessions for a total of 18 clinic hours on a T-TH-S schedule, from April 24 to May 10, 2014. Assisting President Bing del Rosario with the badminton drills were OSSFFI “friends” Benjie Mirasol, Ronnie Nolasco, JC Mercado, and Victor Claravall, all of whom play professional badminton at Valle Verde Country Club where Bing also plays. For the volleyball clinic, Bing was assisted by friend Hec Guballa, a high school volleyball coach.

For volleyball, day 1 focused on forearm bump pass and offense; day 2 on wrist bump offense; day 3 on tossing, spiking, and dinking; day 4 on receiving and digging; day 5 on serving; and day 6 on actual game play.

For badminton, day 1 was on footwork and basic strokes; day 2 on overheads and smashes; day 3 on drop shots and drive exchanges; day 4 on net play; day 5 on serves and returns; and day 6 on game play and leveling.

In 2013, aside from volleyball and badminton clinics at Libis Elementary School, OSSFFI also put up a separate badminton clinic for Bagumbayan Elementary School, conducted over three Saturdays, three hours each time. Aside from clinic coaching regulars Ronnie Nolasco and Hec Guballa, Bing was also assisted by his son Rico del Rosario and his lady friend Alison Tolentino.

The first summer sports clinics were conducted for Libis Elementary School in 2012. Additional coaches then included JC Mercado for badminton and Drake Lopez for volleyball. Director Victor Claravall donated four badminton posts for two courts (which had been used for 2013 and 2014) while OSSFFI donated the nets and loaned the volleyballs and badminton racquets used during the clinic.